Iran introduces a new drone: Fotros

Today Iran unveiled the Fotros drone, their largest unmanned aircraft to date. According to Iranian state-affiliated news agency Fars, the Fotros can fly up to 1,250 miles and stay airborne between 16 and 30 hours at an altitude of 25,000 feet. While new for Iran, these stats put the drone squarely between the U.S. Air Force’s Predator (which can fly just as high for just as long, but at less range) and Reaper (which can fly higher, at nearly the same range, for just as long). It’s an additional tool for Iran, but this is hardly an arms race of apocalyptic proportions.The weirdest thing about the "drones arms race," if indeed there is one, is that these drones will never fight other drones. Previous arms races, like the early 20th century one over battleships or the Cold War competition over ever-improving high-end fighter jets, were about vehicles designed outfight one another. Even the main debate in naval circles right now, about how best to overcome new anti-ship weapons, involves technologies designed to counter each other.Continue Reading…

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