Activists Protest Sen. Schumer Over Drones, Four Arrested

Citizen activists came to Washington to raise the issue of killer drone strikes. And about thirty of them went to Senator Chuck Schumer’s office in Washington, D.C. to urge him to renounce his pro-killer drone strikes position. While there, the citizen activists spoke with foreign policy staffer John Jones, recited the names of children killed by U.S. drone strikes, taped to the office walls photographs of drone victims and mourned the death and destruction. Eventually four of the NCNR members stood outside his office and continued to read the names of child drone victims and chant for an end to the assassination program. Activists came from across the country from Wisconsin and north from New York State to protest the increasing use of killer drones. Capitol Police officers then arrested Elizabeth Adams from Western Massachusetts, JoAnne Lingle, Indianapolis, Richard Ochs, Baltimore, and Alice Sutter, New York City, and charged them with demonstrating inside a Senate Office Building.

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