Are drones “Obama’s Guantanamo?”

Do the United States and its people really want to tell those of us who live in the rest of the world that our lives are not of the same value as yours? That President Obama can sign off on a decision to kill us with less worry about judicial scrutiny than if the target is an American? Would your Supreme Court really want to tell humankind that we, like the slave Dred Scott in the 19th century, are not as human as you are? I cannot believe it. —Bishop Desmond M. Tutu, letter to the New York Times, Feb. 11, 2013 A letter written by Bishop Desmond M. Tutu to the editors of the New York Times in February 2013 referred to an article that had appeared in that paper about an idea floating around the hearings on John Brennan’s nomination to head the Central Intelligence Agency—the idea of a special court to vet the killing of American citizens. Even the most ardent drone supporters had become nervous about setting a precedent when it came to targeting citizens. But Tutu’s letter challenged all drone warfare. The Nobel Peace Prize winner tied the deadly use of drones to the 1857 Dred Scott decision in order to place claims of moral outrage at the top of the agenda. He did not concern himself with arguments about the precision of drone attacks or that fewer people died as a result than would have been the case in bombing raids. He argued instead that drones were a weapon used exclusively for death-dealing strikes within countries the West sometimes called “failed states,” populated by non-Western peoples.Continue Reading…

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